Our Red

We hunted through the best winegrowing areas throughout California and brought back the red grapes to make a delicious, balanced, flavorful wine; complete with rich fruit aromas.... (Read More)

Mammoth & Man

How a human-sized winemaker honed his skills and brings home a mammoth red wine—year after year. (Read More)

Tundra News

Here’s where we trumpet the latest, greatest news about Ed’s Red. What do the latest smoke signals say? What's the latest in the world of mammoths? Who loves our wine? (Read More)

Our Red

The 2016 Ed's Red is an enticing, flavorful and full-bodied wine in the Ed's Red tradition, with aromas and flavors that include plums, cherries and spice. Absent mammoth (or vegetarian equivalent) the wine pairs well with a wide range of cuisine and is enjoyable any day of the week.

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2016 Ed's Red

Mammoth & Man

That’s me in the photo: Ed, the winemaker and the “Ed” in Ed’s Red.

I’ve been asked around the campfire “What is the best food to pair with this big, bold wine?” and my response is always “Mammoth!” Turns out, the mammoth is a strong mascot for our wine —powerful and imposing—and since 2008, we have embraced it on our label. There is even a life-size mammoth painting in our barn, seen behind me here.

Since 2004, my quest has been to create a bold, characterful wine that can be enjoyed with friends, with food or on its own any day of the week. Drawing from the best winegrowing regions in California has allowed me to create a wine that satisfies, vintage after vintage.

If you, like me, have been searching for a bold, flavorful, dare I say mammoth red wine … your hunt is over.


Tundra News

Ed’s Red receives Gold Medal at NY International Wine Competition

The contest welcomed close to 1000 submissions from the U.S. and over 30 countries around the world...

Mammoth “returns” to downtown San Jose

In 2005, a nature-lover was strolling along the Guadalupe River Trail when he spotted something unusual...

New national monument protects mammoth site

President Barack Obama will announced Friday the designation of the Waco Mammoth Site — the nation’s only nursery herd of…

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