It continues to be a great week for mammoths with this announcement of a new national monument in Waco, Texas, to protect a mammoth site.

WASHINGTON — July 9, 2015 – President Barack Obama will announce Friday the designation of the Waco Mammoth Site — the nation’s only nursery herd of Columbian mammoths — as a national monument, according to the White House.

The designation comes after years of fighting in Congress to get that distinction.

“These unique and well-preserved remains provide superlative opportunities for scientific study,” the White House said in an announcement, calling the site “a rare opportunity” for research.

Discovered in 1978, the site contains the excavated remains of 22 female and baby mammoths, which make up a nursery herd. They drowned about 65,000 years ago when the BosqueRiver flooded and trapped them in a steep channel, according to the site’s website. Later floods buried the remains, and site…

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