Mammoth lovers are always on the look-out for the next species-obliterating ice age, however, there seems little danger of that happening on the West Coast of the United States. The year here is likely to go down as the warmest on record. What does that mean for harvest 2015? It’s early. Many grape growers had already finished picking before the end of September. Yields are down, in large part because there was cooler weather at the time of fruit set, resulting in fewer berries being pollinated. The cooler weather also contributed to a protracted set—rather than forming at the same time, grapes even on the same cluster formed at different times. This heterogeneity makes the picking decision more difficult, since not all berries are at the same level of ripeness at the same time. However, most clusters we’ve seen looked pretty good at harvest, so there’s a strong chance some good wines will result from 2015 and be available for those who know where to hunt.